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About Paint Trays, Liners & Bucket Grids

All projects start with the basics. Paint supply carries a variety of paint trays, liner or bucket grids.

Paint trays remove excess paint from roller covers to prevent paint from dripping and having runs during the application process.  They make applying an even coat of paint a lot easier.  Tray liners help make clean up quick by keeping the paint tray clean.  Our selection of tray liners are disposable and allow you to quickly change between different paint colors.

Our heavy duty metal bucket grids are simple to use and can be placed directly in one gallon, two gallon or 5 gallon cans or pails.  Simply place them directly into the product and start working right away.  When you’re finished, these grids can be rinsed off with water and reused.

Let Paint Supply be your source for all your paint tray, liner and bucket grid needs.  For other project needs we stock a variety of paint supplies and equipment to help get the job done right.  We carry everything from paint buckets, paint can openers and hand masker to paint mixers and trigger sprayers.